We Are In The Middle Of Making People Jump To EV Transition: Niraj Rajmohan

Abhijeet Singh
02 May 2024
03:11 PM
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Enticing India's performance electric motorcycle segment, Ultraviolette has ambitious plans for the domestic and European markets.

We Are In The Middle Of Making People Jump To EV Transition: Niraj Rajmohan mobility outlook

As it witnesses the launch of the upgraded F77 Mach 2 electric motorcycle, Niraj Rajmohan, CTO & Co-founder of Ultraviolette, outlined the company's vision and detailed improvements that set a new standard for electric motorcycles in India and potentially in the European market. According to him, the F77 Mach 2 brings advancements in performance, technology, and customer-focused/driven solutions.

Careful Pricing

Ultraviolette has carefully decided to place the F77 Mach 2 right in the firing line of a competitive segment dominated by established manufacturers, albeit with internal combustion engines. At a starting price point of INR 2.99 lakh (ex-showroom) and INR 3.99 lakh for the Recon variant, customers may transition to an electric motorcycle rather than picking a performance single or parallel twin. It must be noted that these prices are introductory for the first 1,000 customers and that the Recon variant is the one that competes directly when it comes to performance parameters.

Rajmohan highlighted the economic aspect, explaining that the total cost of ownership, especially considering the savings on fuel over a couple of years, could justify the shift towards electric. This approach aims to target the Indian demographic of 25 to 35-year-olds who are increasingly craving quick performance and are tech-savvy.

Customer Feedback

The F77 Mach 2 has been developed with an intense focus on customer feedback and data analytics from existing models. Enhancements include improved range—up to 323 kilometres—advanced regenerative braking and upgraded traction control systems. These features cater to a blend of performance enthusiasts and daily riders looking for a reliable and dynamic riding experience. Introducing a new wide colour palette and a huge range of features shows its commitment to aligning with consumer preferences and evolving market trends.

Rajmohan openly discussed the operational challenges faced in scaling production and distribution. With the Indian market as a foundation, Ultraviolette plans a significant expansion into 17 cities domestically and has set sights on European markets where the demand for electric vehicles is rapidly growing. The company's strategy involves a phased approach to service expansion, ensuring that every customer receives prompt and efficient service regardless of location. This addresses a critical element of customer satisfaction in the EV industry. Freight costs are again a challenge when expanding a footprint across the country, especially with growing startups.

European Market Penetration

The European market presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities. Rajmohan noted that countries like Germany, Spain, and Turkey are showing considerable interest in the F77, thanks to their robust infrastructure for electric vehicles and a growing cultural shift towards sustainable transportation. Ultraviolette aims to leverage existing partnerships and customer insights to tailor their offerings to meet specific European standards and preferences, balancing supply between Indian and European markets to optimise delivery and customer satisfaction.

Ultraviolette's technological advancements are at the core of its competitive edge. The F77 Mach 2 features a patented Dynamic Stability Control system, a first of its kind globally, enhancing safety and performance. Furthermore, the motorcycle's smart systems collect and analyse data to offer personalised riding suggestions, pushing the boundaries of what modern electric motorcycles can provide. These systems are also a great proposition when it comes to equipment requirements for European markets.

As Ultraviolette navigates the complex terrain of EV motorcycle markets, the company's approach combines aggressive pricing strategies, advanced technological integration, and a keen understanding of demographic trends. Rajmohan's vision for the F77 Mach 2 is clear: to make it a catalyst for change in the motorcycle industry, encouraging a shift from ICE to electric, and setting new benchmarks for what consumers can expect from an electric motorcycle, both in India and abroad. It looks like they are right on track for this transition.

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