Bosch Launches L.OS Logistics Platform For Europe, India & US

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06 Dec 2023
03:30 PM
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The company aims to leverage L.OS to generate global sales of around €500 million with logistics services by 2030.

Bosch L.OS Logistics For Europe, India & US mobility outlook

Bosch has introduced its digital logistics platform, L.OS, in Europe, India, and the United States, marking a successful debut with 50 initial customers across these regions. L.OS is designed to simplify IT processes in the transport and logistics industry and has already gained traction, attracting 20 logistics companies each from Germany and India, along with ten from the U.S. The platform integrates more than 50 service providers into its digital marketplace, supporting a diverse range of logistics solutions.

Dr Markus Heyn, member of the Bosch board of management and chairman of the Mobility business sector, emphasised the strategic importance of the transportation and logistics industry for Bosch, stating, 'For Bosch, the transportation and logistics industry is strategically important.'

L.OS provides a complete ecosystem and software environment for freight carriers, fleet owners, and logistics service providers, offering quick and easy access to IT services. Notably, the platform is open to all providers of logistics solutions, promoting the seamless integration of diverse services and data. The goal is to enable logistics and transportation companies globally to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

In addition to its logistics platform, Bosch has established a new operating unit, 'Mobility Platform and Services,' with over 400 associates worldwide. This unit will focus on the development and support of various digital platforms, including the 'Mobility Marketplace,' a digital ecommerce marketplace, 'ParkZeus,' an integrated parking platform, and the L.OS logistics operating system.

Sandeep Nelamangala, Executive Director responsible for the digital platforms business at Bosch, emphasised the importance of digitalisation in mobility and cloud-based platforms, stating, 'The establishment of a dedicated unit underscores the great importance Bosch attaches to the digitalisation of mobility empowered by cloud-based platforms.'

The L.OS platform is poised to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and collaboration within the global transportation and logistics industry, providing a comprehensive digital ecosystem for businesses in the sector.

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