Continental Exhibits Array Of Technologies, Sustainable Solutions At BMGE 2024

Mobility Outlook Bureau
02 Feb 2024
07:36 PM
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With an evolving vehicle system architecture, the company is poised to spearhead the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) vision in India to develop state-of-the-art vehicle system functions powered by High Performance Computer (HPC).


Technology company Continental's exhibits at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo (BMGE) 2024 in New Delhi highlighted its array of technology and sustainable solutions, including autonomous vehicle technologies, connected car solutions, advanced tyres, sustainable surface solutions, display systems, and brake-by-wire solutions. The company's exhibition aligns with its goal of supporting mobility in India through innovative and future-ready solutions.

Emphasising its intent 'in the market, for the market' strategy, technology company Continental aims to establish itself as a leader in hardware excellence, software competence, and system expertise. This strategy involves expanding electronics manufacturing, enhancing software development capabilities, and integrating software and electronics for faster market introduction of cutting-edge solutions.

Prashanth Doreswamy, President and CEO of Continental India, reiterated the company's dedication to R&D and advanced technological capabilities with a focus on localisation. The company's growth strategy involves significant investments in its Bangalore plant, the largest electronics plant in India, and the Technical Center India (TCI). These initiatives aim to ramp up the localisation of safety and connected car technologies, contributing to its position in the market.

Continental is also driving the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) vision in India, focusing on developing state-of-the-art vehicle system functions powered by High-Performance Computers (HPC). The company's commitment to SDV reflects a significant shift in the automotive landscape, aiming for advancements in safety, connectivity, and overall driving convenience.

In terms of R&D efficiency, its local strategy aligns with the value-driven Indian market. The company emphasises optimising efficiencies through the automation of manufacturing plants. The TCI plays a crucial role in combining growing engineering competencies and teams to meet automotive R&D requirements for both Indian and global markets.

The company stated that it is also dedicated to sustainability, with a focus on materials and products. The company showcased its UltraContact NXT tyre in India, touted as the most sustainable one to date. With up to 65% renewable, recycled, and mass balance certified materials, the tyre reflects its commitment to using bio-based raw materials and recycled plastics, reducing carbon footprints, and addressing waste reduction.

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