Continental Ramps Up Connected Mobility Solutions in India

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07 Nov 2023
04:15 PM
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The expansion is expected to significantly boost the company’s production volume and export share, with a particular focus on European, East Asian, and ASEAN markets


Technology company, Continental is scaling its research and development (R&D) and manufacturing capabilities for connected technologies in India. With a keen focus on localisation, Continental is collaborating closely with local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific needs of the Indian market.

This expansion is expected to significantly boost the company’s production volume and export share, with a particular focus on European, East Asian, and ASEAN markets.

Driving Innovation In Connected Mobility

“India is a strategic market for Continental, and we are continuously expanding our connected technologies business in the country,” stated Jean-François Tarabbia, Head of Architecture and Networking business area, Continental Automotive. “The rising global demand for advanced technologies and features necessitates close collaboration between Tier 1 suppliers like Continental and local OEMs to effectively understand the evolving customer requirements. Our strong R&D presence in India enables us to cater to the needs of the global market, and we recognize the immense potential for business growth in India.”

Tailored Solutions for the Indian Market

“We are optimistic about the growth of connected vehicle technologies in India, as evidenced by the increasing integration of these technologies into new passenger car models,” remarked Prashanth Doreswamy, President and CEO, Continental India. “Connected technologies have become a key selling point in the Indian market, and this trend has motivated us to introduce some of the most sophisticated and intelligent technologies available. Our robust capabilities in both R&D and local manufacturing provide us with a competitive advantage in delivering affordable solutions with high functionality. India is a frontrunner in embracing technological advancements, and we are committed to supporting this transformation.”

Enhancing Production Capacity

Continental is continually evaluating product demand to ensure that localization efforts align with the evolving vehicle architecture. These efforts will result in a substantial increase in production capacity for connectivity and body electronics products. With a focus on expanding in these critical areas, the company will be able to produce over 1 million connectivity-related units on this manufacturing line.

Leveraging Smart Manufacturing Practices

“The Indian market is of paramount importance to us, and we are constantly innovating technologies and products to address the needs of local customers,” explained Darshan Shetty, Architecture and Networking business area, Continental Automotive India. “By expanding our production area, we are further strengthening our localization efforts in the country. Localization will enable us to offer globally proven technologies at an affordable price. We aim to achieve superior manufacturing standards by incorporating smart manufacturing practices while leveraging our skilled workforce.”

Technology Expertise

Continental’s Architecture and Networking (AN) business area provides comprehensive systems, software, services, and end-to-end solutions for networked mobility in vehicles and beyond. The company adheres to the “Connect.Inform.Integrate” strategy, focusing on technologies that connect vehicles with the cloud, other vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure. Continental also offers intelligent fleet management solutions.

At the Forefront of Innovation

Continental is a pioneer in developing platforms capable of self-upgrades, ensuring compatibility with both 4G and 5G networks. This strategic approach guarantees that product offerings align with future market demands and seamlessly integrate with customer roadmaps. The company is committed to enhancing connectivity trends to advance the future of mobility while producing cutting-edge technology.

Safety Enhancement

The growing demand for connected vehicles has intensified the need for collaboration between automotive manufacturers and OEMs. Connectivity products, such as Telematics and body electronics, are poised to transform the overall driving experience. By sharing safety-critical data between infrastructure and nearby vehicles, connected technologies contribute to achieving Vision Zero – a future with Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, Zero Crashes – ultimately reducing the frequency of accidents and casualties.

Smart Manufacturing for Smart Solutions

The new production line for connected technologies incorporates various aspects of smart manufacturing techniques to further enhance production capabilities and boost operational efficiency. It is fully automated, utilizing robotic machinery to handle critical processes. The line integrates Industry 4.0 applications such as MES, Digital Twin, and Digital 3D work instructions for operators, ensuring 100% traceability. The modular design of the lines allows for scalability to accommodate future capacity expansions.

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