Cummins’ Next-Gen Technologies To Enhance Efficiency, Sustainability

T Murrali
04 Mar 2024
07:00 AM
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In a dynamic industry, Cummins continues to redefine the future of transportation, delivering solutions that prioritise efficiency, sustainability, and a digitally enriched customer experience.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of heavy-duty vehicles, Cummins is set to launch its most efficient heavy-duty diesel engine, marking a significant milestone in its HELM 15-liter fuel-agnostic platform. The upcoming diesel X15 will debut in compliance with US EPA and CARB 2027 aligned regulations, targeting the heavy-duty on-highway market in North America.

The powertrain company is at the forefront of innovation with its latest offerings, including the Eaton Cummins Endurant transmission, Cummins-Meritor Drivetrain Systems, and the cutting-edge Cummins HELM platforms.

José Samperio, Vice President, North America On-Highway at Cummins, said that the investments made in the next-generation X15 will meet customer needs well into the future as the new iteration represents a technological evolution.

Retaining the reliability and cost-effectiveness that have characterised the X15 since its inaugural launch in 1998, the advanced diesel X15 promises improved greenhouse gas reduction and fuel efficiency benefits. While maintaining the same ratings as the current X15 (up to 605 horsepower and 2,050 ft-lb of torque), the new model focuses on optimising powertrain integration with Eaton Cummins and Cummins-Meritor.

Jane Beaman, Vice President Global, On-Highway Business, Cummins, reintroduced the fuel-agnostic engine platforms under the name Cummins HELM platforms. With a vision of higher efficiency, reduced emissions, and the flexibility to utilise multiple fuels, these platforms empower customers to navigate their energy transition journeys. By offering the freedom to choose the most suitable fuel types for their businesses and goals, Cummins HELM platforms aim to put control in the hands of their users, Beaman added.

The Endurant HD and XD series, seamlessly integrated with the next-gen X15 powertrain, promise an enhanced driving experience. Boasting best-in-class transmission lube change intervals of up to 750,000 miles, these transmissions not only enhance efficiency but also prioritise the comfort of the driver. Additionally, remote diagnostic capabilities ensure optimal performance throughout the vehicle's lifespan.

The Cummins-Meritor 14X HE tandem drive axles set a new standard in performance, durability, and fuel economy. Equipped with advanced Meritor lube management systems, fuel-efficient bearings, and high-efficiency spiral bevel gearing, these drivetrain systems are tailored to meet the high torque demands of modern down-speed engine platforms. Cummins-Meritor Permalube RPL drivelines further reduce maintenance, offering robust handling of contemporary engine torque requirements.


HELM Platforms

Built on the Cummins HELM fuel-agnostic 15-litre engine platform, the X15 engine series introduces a new era of versatility. Derived from a common base engine, these platforms share components below the head gasket, ensuring efficiency and ease of maintenance. The X15N, a natural gas variant, represents the initial offering on the Cummins HELM platforms, which also include the B, X10, and X15 engine platforms.

Low Carbon Diesel Fuels

Aligning with Cummins' commitment to environmental responsibility, the new X15 embraces biodiesel blends up to 20% and renewable diesel blends up to 100%. Cummins' early adoption of renewable fuels signifies a dedication to reducing carbon intensity and advancing sustainable practices in the diesel engine sector.

Transforming Fleet Management

Going beyond engine innovation, the powertrain giant extends its commitment to digital products and services. By securely connecting real-time data from vehicles to maintenance and service operations, the company provides customers with foresight, streamlining operations, and minimising downtime. The X15 is equipped with Acumen, offering digital connectivity, over-the-air calibration, predictive service recommendations, and features that ensure a seamless end-to-end fleet management experience.

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