Greaves Cotton Joins Tsuyo Manufacturing For Low-speed E3Ws

T Murrali
12 Apr 2024
10:45 AM
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By leveraging Tsuyo's technological expertise and GCL's manufacturing capabilities, this partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and drive sustainable mobility solutions in the country.

Greaves Tsuyo

Greaves Cotton Limited (GCL) and Tsuyo Manufacturing Private Limited have initiated a collaboration to cater to the requirements of low-speed three-wheeler electric vehicles (EVs). This partnership aims at enhancing local manufacturing capabilities and ensuring reliable supply chains for EV components.

Tsuyo, renowned for its expertise in BLDC and IPM technology, has agreed to share its proven product lineup with GCL. This collaboration empowers GCL to manufacture electric motors and controllers in India, thereby reducing reliance on imported components and addressing challenges related to spare parts availability and customer service.

Transition Plan

As GCL gradually transitions towards complete independence in manufacturing, Tsuyo will continue to support the production of all L3 Motors and controllers. Team Tsuyo has pledged full cooperation during this transition phase, ensuring seamless operations and minimal disruption to pre-approved ICAT/ARAI models.

The partnership between the two companies not only strengthens supply and distribution channels but also combines technological capabilities with a well-established network to meet future demands effectively. This collaboration will cater to the evolving needs of customers, offering after-sales support and facilitating upgrades in BLDC and PMSM solutions for various EV applications.

Under the partnership, Tsuyo will no longer directly sell L3 EV components, with all transactions now managed through GCL. However, the technology and quality of products remain unchanged, with upgrades overseen by Tsuyo's dedicated R&D team. GCL will handle brand ownership and sales transactions, ensuring continuity and consistency in product offerings.

Tsuyo noted that it will continue manufacturing EV components for L5 and N1/N2 categories while embarking on a significant expansion strategy. This expansion includes the establishment of new facilities and infrastructure to provide solutions exceeding 2KW rated power for EV applications.

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