Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Redefines Electric Performance At AutoMobility LA

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16 Nov 2023
04:05 PM
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The high performance EV has a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with rally-inspired handling enhances its 'Corner Rascal' capabilities.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 N unveil LA front mobility outlook

Hyundai unveiled the IONIQ 5 N at a pre-show event for AutoMobility LA, showcasing the brand's first venture into high-performance electric vehicles. Positioned as Hyundai's inaugural N brand electric performance vehicle, the IONIQ 5 N promises to set new benchmarks in electrified high performance, racetrack capability, and driver engagement.

Scheduled to hit Hyundai dealerships in March 2024, the IONIQ 5 N represents a bold leap in the brand's electrification vision. Leveraging the award-winning Hyundai E-GMP platform, the high-performance EV offers a remarkable 650 bhp with N Grin Boost engaged, powered by a two-stage inverter and a cutting-edge 84 kWh battery.

Hyundai's N brand, known for its motorsport success, has infused the IONIQ 5 N with motorsport-bred technologies, elevating its performance across three key pillars: 'Corner Rascal,' 'Racetrack Capability,' and 'Everyday Sportscar.' The model introduces exclusive performance features, including N Battery Preconditioning, N Race, N Pedal, N Brake Regen, N Drift Optimizer, N Torque Distribution, N Launch Control, N Grin Boost, N Active Sound +, N e-shift, and Track SOC.

Jose Munoz, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America, emphasized the vehicle's role in pushing the boundaries of vehicle performance. The IONIQ 5 N, designed to cater to both current Hyundai customers and new buyers, is expected to impress with its exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 N unveil LA rear mobility outlook

The vehicle's body-in-white structure has been reinforced with additional welding points and structural adhesives, complemented by enhanced motor and battery mounting. The implementation of World Rally Championship-inspired integrated drive axles, along with other performance-oriented features, ensures optimal performance on the track.

Innovative technologies such as N Pedal, N Drift Optimizer, and N Torque Distribution contribute to the IONIQ 5 N's dynamic driving experience. The electric propulsion system, featuring an 84 kWh battery and two-stage inverter, delivers a powerful yet efficient performance. The model's thermal management system sets new standards for racetrack conditions, boasting a higher resistance to heat-induced power degradation compared to competitors.

The N e-shift and N Active Sound + functionalities provide engaging shift feelings and dynamic driving sounds, simulating the power-shift feel and engine sounds of internal combustion engine vehicles.

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