Lectrix Launches LXS 2.0 E2W With 2.3KW Battery At INR 79,999

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08 Feb 2024
01:54 PM
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The pre-booking for the highly anticipated LXS 2.0 is now open, with deliveries scheduled to commence from March 2024 onwards.

Lectrix Launches LXS 2.0 E2W With 2.3KW Battery At INR 79,999 mobility outlook

Lectrix EV has captured the market's attention with the launch of LXS 2.0, an electric two-wheeler (E2W) that boasts a 2.3KW battery and an impressive range of 98 kilometres. Breaking barriers in the industry, Lectrix EV introduces this product at a competitive price of INR 79,999, making it the lowest in its category.

LXS 2.0 stands out as the only EV in the 2W category that successfully addresses three critical concerns for consumers – offering the right range, top-notch quality, and exceptional value for money. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to make their first foray into the EV category, providing a well-rounded solution to common challenges faced by consumers.

Having already established itself as a robust player in the EV market, Lectrix EV has over 10,000 units currently in use across the country. K Vijaya Kumar, MD and CEO of SAR Electric Mobility, the parent company of Lectrix EV, expressed the company's commitment to understanding the preferences of value-conscious consumers in India. He emphasised, 'To further our contribution to the same and ensure wider acceptance for EV2W, we have launched this new product. It is the perfect balance of 'value' and 'affordability' without compromising on innovation and quality. It is the only available E2W in India with a 98km range at a 2.3 KW battery for INR 79,999.'

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