Log9 & BluWheelz Collaborate On Sustainable Logistics Solutions

Mobility Outlook Bureau
20 Dec 2023
07:50 PM
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The partnership encompasses the deployment of 5000 2-wheelers, 1000 3-wheelers, and 500 4-wheelers.

Log9 & BluWheelz Collaborate mobility outlook

In a strategic collaboration, Log9 and BluWheelz are poised to reshape the logistics sector, emphasising a joint commitment to offering diverse and sustainable solutions to address challenges in the industry.

BluWheelz, a technology-driven logistics company specialising in First Mile, Mid-Mile, and Last-Mile services, is leveraging Log9's complete ecosystem of commercial assets. BluWheelz operates an electric vehicle fleet, addressing cost and timeline challenges in industries such as E-commerce, Quick Commerce, and Food Tech, with a focus on creating a positive environmental impact. Simultaneously, Log9, a leader in deep-tech sustainable energy solutions, is making significant strides in sustainable transportation by deploying its initial fleet of 2-wheelers in North India, part of a strategic partnership with BluWheelz.

Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder & COO of Log9, expressed pride in the partnership, stating, 'Log9 Mobility is proud to partner with a forward-looking and aggressive player like BluWheelz. With Log9 Mobility’s ecosystem of fast charge vehicles across 2W, 3W, and 4W, leasing options, charging infra, and an industry-leading service support, becoming a one-stop solution for logistics electrification, both companies plan to grow and scale electrification of the last mile across the country.'

This plan underscores the scale and dedication of the partnership, with BluWheelz emerging as one of several unique clients benefiting from Log9's comprehensive range of vehicles.

Chanpreet Singh Sethi, Co-Founder & CEO of BluWheelz, expressed excitement about the strategic partnership with Log9. He stated, 'As we propel towards a sustainable future, our collaboration aims to deploy Log9's cutting-edge batteries, cells, and battery tech to power 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers across India supplied by Log9. This partnership not only strengthens our commitment but also enhances our ability to provide state-of-the-art electric vehicles to our franchisee partners and esteemed clients. Together, we look forward to driving positive change and contributing to a cleaner, greener India.'

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