Log9 & TORK Motors Collaborate To Boost Interoperable Charging Infrastructure

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05 Dec 2023
03:56 PM
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Customers of both brands to utilise each other's chargers and charging networks

Log9 & TORK Motors Collaborate mobility outlook

Log9 Materials has joined forces with TORK Motors to promote interoperable charging infrastructure. This partnership falls under the Bharat Charge Alliance (BCA) initiative and aims to advance BCA’s Low Electric Vehicle (LEV) DC interoperable charging infrastructure across the country.

Log9 has introduced the Type 6-Bharat LEV fast charging standard across its new battery platforms in the 2W/3W space. This standard, recognised as the low voltage fast charge standard for the next generation, is gaining traction among various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Through this collaboration, Log9 and TORK Motors will enable customers of both brands to utilise each other's chargers and charging networks, fostering a seamless charging experience based on BCA’s LEV DC interoperable standard.

The partnership emphasises the commitment of both companies to maintain interoperability, ensuring that any technological updates, including connectors, protocols, and payment gateways, will be collectively agreed upon and implemented. This cooperative approach aims to provide sustained interoperability and a user-friendly experience for customers.

Kartik Hajela, COO of Log9, highlighted the significance of standardizing low voltage fast charging platforms, stating, 'Bharat LEV or type 6 technology introduced by the government will help in standardizing fast charging across platforms, and Log9 has developed grounds up charging control systems to adopt this technology across its platforms.”

Kapil Shelke, Founder & CEO of TORK Motors, expressed the importance of interoperability in the Indian EV market, stating, 'This partnership is yet another step towards the promotion of interoperability among OEMs and ancillary companies in the Indian EV market. We have always advocated the importance of interoperability through the Bharat Charge Alliance initiative.'

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