Pulse Energy Partners With ChargeZone & 20+ Charging Networks

Mobility Outlook Bureau
13 Feb 2024
04:30 PM
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Charge Point Operators (CPOs) leveraging Pulse Energy's platform have witnessed a notable increase of 20% in charger utilisation within just four weeks.

Pulse Energy Partners With ChargeZone & 20+ Charging Networks mobility outlook

Pulse Energy has announced a strategic partnership with ChargeZone and over 20 charging networks across India to provide a unified and seamless EV charging experience for both individual users and fleet operators. Fleet operators can now directly partner with Pulse Energy, gaining access to affordable and convenient charging options across the extensive network of 20+ charging networks, regardless of their location in India.

Meanwhile, individual EV users can download any of Pulse Energy's applications, such as the InstaCharge app, to access the entire network, encompassing more than 2000 fast chargers. Pulse Energy's efforts align with the creation of a new open EV charging network called Unified Energy Interface, built on the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce).

The recent integration with ChargeZone enhances Pulse Energy's network with an additional 400+ CCS2 chargers strategically placed along major highways, ensuring hassle-free weekend trips for individual EV drivers. The partnership underscores Pulse Energy's commitment to providing a comprehensive charging solution for its growing customer base, which includes 160 EV fleet operators and 15,000 EV drivers utilizing their network daily.

For fleet drivers, Pulse Energy streamlines charger accessibility and reduces charging costs, allowing them to initiate the charging process seamlessly through WhatsApp, eliminating the need for additional apps or login credentials. This user-friendly approach has contributed to the robustness and reliability of Pulse Energy's network, setting it apart from other charger aggregators in the market.

Pulse Energy assists CPOs in strategically deploying chargers within cities, optimizing their locations for maximum traffic via the Unified Energy Interface. The collaboration with ChargeZone and other EV startups like Kazam, Sheru, and Turno demonstrates the potential of an open energy network, showcasing the advantages to key stakeholders, including industry leaders like Nandan Nilekanni.

Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO, MD of Tesco ChargeZone, highlights the transformative impact of their collaboration with Pulse Energy and other charging providers, emphasizing the shift towards a unified and accessible charging infrastructure. The integration with ChargeZone brings additional CCS2 chargers along major highways, contributing to seamless journeys for EV drivers.

Akhil Jayaprakash, Co-Founder at Pulse Energy, outlines their mission as demand aggregators, offering a SaaS platform for CPOs to partner with multiple charger aggregators, turning their investments positive. He envisions a future where users can access any charging network through a single app, similar to the ubiquity of UPI, and aims to make this vision a reality with Unified Energy Interface (UEI).

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