Repos Energy & Cummins India Refine Fuel Management With DATUM X

Mobility Outlook Bureau
12 Dec 2023
05:04 PM
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The technology addresses common challenges in fuel operations such as cumbersome procurement processes, fuel pilferage, and adulteration.

Repos Energy & Cummins DATUM X mobility outlook

Repos Energy and Cummins India Limited have joined forces to revolutionise fuel management in India with the introduction of DATUM X (Data Automated Teller Ultimate Machine). This ground-breaking collaboration was unveiled at CII EXCON 2023, held at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre.

Repos Energy and Cummins India have partnered to address the challenges faced by businesses reliant on diesel applications. DATUM X, Repos Energy's patented technology, offers an array of features designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety in fuel procurement.

DATUM X provides Fuel Level Tracking, Digital Dashboards, and Safe Fuel Storage at users' sites. With a focus on visibility into the downstream diesel value chain, the solution aims to drive cost and operational efficiency, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improving profitability for users.

Vivek Malapati, Vice President, Distribution Business, Cummins India Limited, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating, 'The introduction of the DATUM range marks a significant step in addressing the existing challenges faced by customers in fuel management operations.' He added that the collaboration with Repos Energy aligns with Cummins' commitment to providing convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to customers while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Founder, Repos Energy, highlighted the potential of the partnership to transform fuel distribution, stating, 'This tech-enabled tool will enable end consumers to avail fuel delivery at their desired location with just a click on their phone.' Chetan Walunj, Founder, Repos Energy, expressed confidence in the collaboration's ability to expand the solution across industries and geographies.

DATUM leverages sensors and digital technologies to provide real-time updates on fuel inventory and consumption. The smart fuel storage solution allows remote monitoring, sends alerts when fuel levels are low, and facilitates 24x7 doorstep delivery of diesel. The entire process, from ordering to payment and invoicing, is digital, resulting in reduced fuel procurement costs and improved diesel inventory management.

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