Servotech Secures Order For 1500 DC Fast EV Chargers

Mobility Outlook Bureau
23 Feb 2024
02:06 PM
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Valued at 102 crore, this deal encompasses two charger variants, offering power outputs of 60 kW and 120 kW.

Servotech Secures Order For 1500 DC Fast EV Chargers mobility outlook

Servotech Power Systems Ltd has clinched a substantial contract to supply approximately 1500 DC fast EV chargers to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and other leading EV charger Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The agreement with HPCL entails Servotech's responsibility for the manufacturing, supply, and installation of DC EV chargers across the nation, with a primary focus on HPCL's extensive network of retail outlets. Furthermore, Servotech will fulfil the remaining charger orders for various EV charger OEMs. This strategic move underscores a pivotal stride towards establishing a robust and interconnected EV charging infrastructure, aimed at enhancing consumer accessibility to electric vehicles while promoting environmentally sustainable mobility solutions.

Sarika Bhatia, Director of Servotech Power Systems Ltd, expressed pride in the company's involvement in India's burgeoning E-Mobility landscape, emphasizing a joint commitment with HPCL to expedite the transition towards a sustainable future. As a prominent EV charger manufacturer, Bhatia articulated the company's aspiration to transform India into a realm where electric vehicles cease to be a mere aspiration but become a tangible reality, underpinned by a collective vision and unwavering dedication.

'We are confident that our high-calibre, technologically advanced DC fast EV chargers will play a pivotal role in establishing e-mobility hubs, streamlining transactions, enhancing availability, simplifying user discovery, and facilitating seamless navigation for EV enthusiasts,' added Bhatia, highlighting Servotech's proactive role in facilitating the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

The dissemination of this press release serves to update Servotech's shareholders on the company's recent triumph in the burgeoning EV charger market.

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