Steelbird Celebrates Six Decades Of Growth, Unveils SBA-17 RDX Helmet

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13 Mar 2024
12:21 PM
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In a celebratory offering, the initial 100,000 buyers will be gifted a complimentary smoke visor, underpinning Steelbird's customer-centric values.

Steelbird Unveils SBA-17 RDX Helmet mobility outlook

As it marks a momentous 60 years in the industry, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd has unveiled an ambitious suite of expansion and innovation strategies. This move not only reaffirms Steelbird's commitment to excellence in safety and quality but also fortifies its status as a trailblazer in the helmet and riding gear sector.

In a grand gesture to commemorate its six-decade legacy, Steelbird has introduced the SBA-17 RDX helmet, a testament to the brand's innovative ethos. Priced at an accessible INR 1199, this helmet amalgamates style with safety, featuring a robust thermoplastic shell, interchangeable cheek pads, and an advanced high-density EPS for unmatched impact absorption. The helmet's scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor, complemented by an Inner Sun Shield, sets new benchmarks in rider comfort and protection.

Steelbird's vision extends into a significant enhancement of its manufacturing footprint, with an investment exceeding INR 250 crore earmarked for a new facility in southern India, potentially near Hosur, Tamil Nadu. This initiative is designed to cater to the burgeoning helmet demand in the region, supporting both aftermarket needs and OEM partnerships. Simultaneously, the firm is ramping up its existing production capabilities in Baddi, aiming for a daily output of 50,000 units.

On the retail front, Steelbird is set to revolutionise the shopping experience for riders with the expansion of its Riderz Shoppe network. By the end of 2025, an additional 800 stores will join the fray, offering an extensive range of helmets, apparel, and accessories, while emphasising the importance of ISI-certified safety gear.

Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, expressed his pride in Steelbird's journey, stating, 'For six decades, Steelbird has been at the forefront of advocating road safety and delivering superior products. Our expansion and the SBA-17 RDX launch underscore our commitment to excellence and our gratitude towards our loyal customers.'

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