Log9 Materials Secures BIS Certification For LTO Batteries

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02 Apr 2024
02:00 PM
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With a 50 MWh commercial cell line, Log9 is at the forefront of cell technology, particularly suited for India's tropical climate.

Log9 Materials Secures BIS Certification For LTO Batteries mobility outlook

Log9 Materials has attained the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for its cutting-edge Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) batteries. LTO batteries are distinguished by their robust thermal and chemical stability, significantly reducing the risks associated with traditional lithium-ion batteries. This advancement is poised to transform the safety landscape of the EV industry, offering a safer, more reliable power source for various EV applications, from two-wheelers and three-wheelers to commercial vehicles and energy storage systems.

Dr Akshay Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO of Log9 Materials, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, emphasising its significance in India's quest for energy self-reliance and innovation in large-capacity lithium-ion battery cells. The BIS certification is not just a testament to Log9's technological prowess but also a crucial step towards bolstering consumer confidence in EV safety and performance.

The LTO batteries from Log9 are renowned for their ultra-fast charging capabilities and longevity, promising a dramatic increase in the number of charge and discharge cycles compared to standard lithium-ion counterparts. This not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of battery-powered vehicles.

Pankaj Sharma, Co-Founder & Director of Log9 Materials, highlighted the company's unique position in the Indian market as a provider of commercial-grade lithium-ion cells. The BIS certification amplifies this leadership, showcasing Log9's dedication to innovation and quality.

The certification paves the way for Log9 to further its influence in the EV sector, offering numerous advantages such as bolstered safety credentials, validation of rapid charging technology, and potentially expanded investment opportunities.

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