Servotech EV Infra Sets Course For Expansion With Strategic Developments

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12 Mar 2024
05:28 PM
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The company aims to establish Proof of Concept (POC) sites at 10 key locations within 100 days, setting a solid foundation for a nationwide rollout.

Servotech EV Infra Sets Course For Expansion With Strategic Developments mobility outlook

Servotech EV Infra Pvt Ltd is embarking on an ambitious journey to revolutionise India's EV charging landscape. In a significant stride toward this goal, the company announced a strategic equity dilution of 6%, evaluated at a pre-money valuation of INR 200 crore. This crucial investment will catalyse Servotech EV Infra's expansion plans, enabling it to lay the groundwork for a robust EV charging network across India.

The company is not just focusing on financial growth but is also strengthening its leadership team. Prem Prakash steps in as the new Chief Executive Officer, bringing with him a wealth of experience from various industries, while Neeraj Gupta joins as AVP Operations, ready to leverage his extensive background to enhance Servotech EV Infra's operational efficiency.

Servotech EV Infra's strategic move to dilute equity will channel essential resources into the company's growth trajectory. This financial boost is set to underpin the initial phase of an ambitious plan to proliferate EV charging stations across strategic locations in North India.

The appointment of industry veterans Prem Prakash and Neeraj Gupta marks a significant milestone for Servotech EV Infra. Prakash's diverse experience spanning over two decades, and Gupta's comprehensive expertise in the EV charging domain, are expected to drive the company towards achieving its vision of a widespread and accessible EV charging network in India.

With a dynamic career across various sectors, Prem Prakash is set to bring a fresh perspective to Servotech EV Infra. His proven track record in enhancing organisational growth and his experience with prominent companies positions him as the ideal leader to navigate the company through its next phase of development.

Neeraj Gupta's appointment as AVP Operations is poised to fortify Servotech EV Infra's operational capabilities. With a rich background in diverse industries and a focus on customer service and revenue growth, Gupta is expected to bring a strategic edge to the company's operational endeavors.

Raman Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director of Servotech Power Systems Ltd, expressed his optimism about the company's future, highlighting the strategic equity dilution as a key enabler for Servotech EV Infra's growth. The addition of Prem Prakash and Neeraj Gupta to the leadership team is anticipated to synergise with the company's mission, driving innovation and expanding the EV charging infrastructure across India.

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