Sona Comstar Sets Up New Manufacturing Hub In Mexico To Boost North American EV Supply Chain

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22 Apr 2024
04:32 PM
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Strategic expansion aimed at enhancing BEV component production amid surging demand.

Sona Comstar Sets Up New Manufacturing Hub In Mexico mobility outlook

Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (Sona Comstar) announced the inauguration of its latest manufacturing plant located in the Fipasi Industrial Park, Silao, Mexico. This move is designed to bolster the company's production of critical driveline components for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), catering to the burgeoning EV market in North America.

The new facility is set to produce differential assemblies and reduction gears, components essential for the efficient operation of BEVs. Sona Comstar, recognised as one of the largest manufacturers of these assemblies globally, plans to further expand its product line as the technology in electric vehicles continues to evolve.

North America represents the largest market for Sona Comstar, accounting for 40% of its total revenues. The strategic placement of the new plant is expected to streamline the company's supply chain and improve its responsiveness to the fast-changing demands of customers across the region.

V Vikram Verma, CEO of Driveline Business at Sona Comstar, emphasised the company's adaptive strategy in an evolving market, 'Our growth trajectory has been marked by a continuous adaptation to our customers' needs and the proactive adoption of advanced technologies. By establishing our new plant in Mexico, we are not just expanding our manufacturing footprint; we are also reinforcing our commitment to be the leading provider of driveline solutions in North America, particularly for the electric vehicle sector.'

Equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety, the new facility is poised to significantly boost Sona Comstar's production capabilities. This expansion is not only a strategic move to meet increasing customer demand but also a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. The plant is expected to create numerous jobs, thereby contributing positively to the local economy.

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