Revfin & Shoffr Partner To Enhance Urban Mobility and Financial Inclusion

Mobility Outlook Bureau
20 Nov 2023
05:43 PM
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The partnership promotes a congenial work environment, enhanced remuneration, and an improved quality of life, contributing significantly to societal well-being of drivers.

Revfin & Shoffr Partner mobility outlook

Revfin and Shoffr have announced a collaboration set to redefine urban mobility and financial accessibility. This announcement comes on the heels of Shoffr celebrating a successful first year in operation.

Since its launch in November 2022, Shoffr has emerged as the epitome of ride excellence, boasting top-tier service, amiable drivers, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The synergy with Revfin, which initially supplied Shoffr with four BYD e6 electric vehicles, has propelled Shoffr's fleet to an impressive 40+ electric vehicles, all BYD e6, marking a substantial leap forward in transforming urban mobility.

Shoffr's expansion goes beyond mere fleet size, as the performance metrics showcase exceptional asset utilization levels consistently surpassing 75%. Having traversed over a million clean kilometres across thousands of rides, Shoffr stands as a testament to efficient and sustainable transport solutions in Bangalore.

A core focus of the partnership is environmental sustainability, with plans to scale operations not only in Bangalore but nationwide. The shared vision revolves around deploying a fleet of electric vehicles to substantially reduce carbon emissions, emphasising a commitment to creating a greener future.

Revfin's CEO and Founder, Sameer Aggarwal, emphasised the transformative impact of the partnership, stating, 'Through our collaboration with Shoffr, we're not just redefining transportation; we're transforming the landscape of urban mobility. Our joint efforts mark a significant stride towards a future where financial inclusion and sustainable transportation go hand in hand.'

With eyes set on the future, Revfin and Shoffr plan to expand their presence in Bangalore and other metro cities. Their joint mission involves elevating service quality, fortifying environmental sustainability, and establishing a more inclusive urban transport system.

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